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The 140 Character Movie Review, is apart of @PsyentificFilms (Scientific Films), focusing solely on reviews of recent movies. All movie reviews are posted weekly & graded numerically on a scale of 0-10 (ten being the highest) with halfs (ex. 7.5/10). This page managed by @iamkingwilliams, with additional reviews by members of @PsyentificFilms

'The Dark Knight Rises': The 140 Character Review

The Full Review:

The Dark Knight Rises IS the most hyped and overly analyzed movie of the new millennium, let’s just get that out the way. So while any expectations to top its 2008 Academy Award The Dark Knight winning predecessor is almost impossible to do so, its worth the effort that Christopher Nolan has put into it.

With that said, this IS the film that should’ve been made, while the film is rather straight forward and, its for good reason. To tell a story of this scope, with this many fully developed characters, minus one (*spoiler coming later in review), Gotham City needs a director who can fully execute this vision.

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Background on ‘140 Character Movie Reviews’

What’s up everybody!

This is King Williams, and I just wanted to just say thanks for checking out the blog. I started this blog after many, many, many conversations I’ve had with my friends on movies. So in short this is how it works:

1. All movie reviews will have a 140 Character Review,

ex:”The Avengers = 8.5/10, the best example of how a summer ‘popcorn’ movie SHOULD BE.  Chemistry between all the heroes are great, the build up for ‘The Hulk’ is worth the price of admission”

2. This will be followed up with a more standard review ranging from 280-700 characters, or 2-5 tweets, simple eh?!

3. Any and ALL reviews can be replied to and some will even have responses from other members of @PsyentificFilms

4. Also there will be general debates, commentary & interviews posted as we become inspired to. 

5. Here are list of films we will be posting this week:

The Dark Knight Rises

The Watch

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Moonrise Kingdom



Snow White and the Huntsman

Men in Black 3

The Amazing Spiderman